We show with sensitivity to the context of the Jewish journey both a personal message and one for today's society. This is all brought to life with the use of today's cultural climate as a metaphor.


Based on the teachings of Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch Jewish Philosopher teacher and leader.


Special podcast - appearing on Judaism Reclaimed Rabbi S Phillips

this week we delve into the world of meaning & Mitzvot and how Rav Hirsch brings it out with symbolism.

We elaborate on how this method is both personally relevant as well as true to our human nature.

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a red Cow the Para Aduma is one of the Torah's commandments that has always left people at a loss, but this week Rav Hirsch gives us a glimpse into its inner workings and meaning.

And for good measure and to keep it contemporary we also mention the symbolic intention of pulling down statues.

This week Rav Hirsch gives us access to one of the most powerful but at the same time easily accessible Jewish symbols Tzitzit, at the same time elaborating the deep background that enriches it.

Shavuot - rejection of divine worship, with the upcoming festival as our background we do a deep dive into some of the most commonly used religious concepts and show how they can be misused. 

also the Quote From Rav Hirsch "I would provisionally close all synagogues for a hundred years" explained

This week we see Rav Hirsch Shifts how we look at two classic Jewish concepts, ones that seemingly have no connection.

1) The Devil

2) the Giving Of Massa (tithes) 

hope you enjoy 

In this weeks podcast we will approach two points
1. The Torah commandment to tear our garments when encountering death and the danger of falling in to practices of death worship
2. The special relevance that this commandment holds to the Cohen (priest) and his responsibilitie, as well as how it reflects on us. From these two seemingly peripheral concepts Rav Hirsch draws out for us fundamental goals and methods of Judaism as a whole.

Acharei Mot - The Drama of growth ancient & modern

 Something very disconnected both practically and religiously form our daily lives. The Chen Godol (Hight Priest) and the changing of his clothes we see being reduced and encapsulated into a system that speaks to us today.

April 21, 2020

Tazria - Systemic Sexism?

This week we dive into a perplexing issue at the start of this week's Parasha

The imbalance between the sexes? in an understand this Rav Hirsch develops key terms & concepts, and we walk away with an enriched understanding of a divisive topic IMPURITY 

One of the most perplexing issues for the modern mind comes from the Bibles idea of sacrifices. This is going to be a focus of this week's discussion


But we going to take it one step further we going to take something that is relevant to our lives today, the SALT, we use it on Shabbos why? and what Symbolic Concept comes alive with a new view on this ancient practice 


To join a 30mins live discussion on Zoom at 7:30 Uk time email me for the invite rabbilerner@jle.org.uk

This weeks Discussion we take on an often unasked question, carrying on Shabbos why is it a problem? Where does it fit? how is it meaningful? This is our journey this week through the lens of Rav Hirsch 

We often hear the cleshay, how Purim was the historical attacks on the Jewish people's physical existence as opposed to Chanukah where the fight was for our spirit. But how does this fit into a greater theme of the Jewish year

This week's discussion we show how an appreciation of both of the materials and the components that made up the Tabernacle a powerful message of Jewish meaning arises


Based off the writings of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch

in this weeks discussion, we offer a powerful tool in ones approach the torah and a general Jewish world view by shifting your approach of the Oral Law (his Copernican revolution. At the same time, we bring out a profound moral principle from the first law in this weeks parasha 

In this week's discussion, we take the decalogue the 10 commandments something that's often looked at as separate ideas, But we show with the lens of repairs how it represents, symbolises a unified inseparable whole. 

image edward Lear

this week's parsha Bo, in this week's discussion we take a look at the oral law, something that is often considered a little bit arbitrary and we show how these minor details not only validate the meaning of Biblical symbolism and its meaning but enrich it. our topic the Moon

Why is it so vital the Torah calls to our attention Moses and he very humanness. and how does this give us beautiful parallel to the Prayer Book (Siddur)

in this weeks discussion we take two of the most fuggy terms in religion faith & God what do we mean by these two terms? and why is it so central to know this in a modern context.


We return with a seemingly unimportant side point in the biblical narrative. But with a sensitivity to the symbolic significance and underlying philosophic roots of Judaism, we can come away with a relevant and profound appreciation of the Jewish outlook.



This week's discussion we attempt to delve into one of the most unusual symbols in the Torah at the same time we get a unique opportunity to parallel a symbol embedded in both narrative and law in the bible

Parasha Vayeitzei - 3 empowering callings of the ladder

The Torah/Bible this week gives us 3 powerfull truths from the dream of the ladder

This week we really hit on a major theme in Jewish education and education in general. Drawing on the biblical narrative to illuminate a key message.

Torah portion Chayei Sarah - Why no after Life?

Throughout the bible, we see no mention of the next world, why? for the Jews one of the most central books, and no mention of the afterlife, why? 

In this week's discussion, we go through one of the most central topics of Jewish history and Jewish theology the Binding of Isaac.  With the perplexing and difficult questions that arise from this event, we develop an approach. That will not only help us understand what happened in this week's portion but also helps us develop tools that allow us to tackle one of the most devastating critiques that arose on the Jewish moral framework from the thinker Immanuel Kant in the 18th century.

In this week's discussion on the weekly Parasha we turn to the story of the covenant with Abraham, the father of the Jewish people. We take the unique approach, we discuss his age. We Ask why a seemingly routine piece of information is absolutely Central to an integrated Jewish worldview hope you enjoy.

this week we go through a proclamation by Noach at the end of the Parash, we delve into the symbolic significance of this truly profound and far-reaching statement.

re the book iv mentioned by a friend of mine, where to buy

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Genesis or Bereishit is the beginning, we look at this very old narrative though the symbolic lense of Rav Hirsch. We bring to light two fundamental principles in Jewish philosophy, as well as a few opening remarks on other possible approaches one could take.

Science, Creation & Pantheism

Yom Kippur - Confession not to Man or God

Jewish high holiday discussion what do we mean by confession? 


Rosh Hashanah - Meaning Neglected

we go though some fundamental issues people have with the high holidays and an approach to the Shofer I found truly powerful

have a wonderful new year

Parasha Ki Tavo - The Meaning of a curse feat. Judaism Reclaimed

Parasha Ki Teitzei - Meaning to a Wayward son

September 5, 2019

Shoftim - Never by faith alone

Parashat Shoftim Never by faith alone

Welcome back, it been a good few weeks break, but good to be back.

This weeks Torah portion we look into Grace after meals (benching) and the concept of a blessing.

What are Jewish people doing? and how is it useful or meaning full? and what does this have to do with WAR?

Parshah, Balak Evolution, & Moral Man  

this weeks Parasha Chukat we talk about the Lie of materialism & spiritualism from the Jewish/Torah point of view 

Parashat Korach

Parasha, Behalotecha - Judaism Update? where we look at two points 1) the contrast of where the Jewish people were and where they should be 2) how this call has been faced in history

June 13, 2019

Naso - Blessings & Magic

in this weeks Parasha discussion we, open the topic a what a blessing is in Jewish thought and what it is not. 

in this weeks discussion in preparation for the day of Shavuot, we go thought Rav Hirsch's description of how this day with its unique character displays the uniqueness of the Jewish worldview.

Behar - Right To Property & Justice, In this weeks discussion, we look at the Jewish view of property and justice.

In this weeks discussion, we break down two classic Jewish events and their connection.

In this weeks discussion we break down a classic Jewish phrase, the namesake of this weeks Parasha Kedoshim to be holy, but do we actually mean by HOLY?  

Acharey Mot - Dramatization Of Freedom

Viewing the biblical narrative with the symbolic lens of Rav Hirsch we get a profound Jewish take on a classic event and practice

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