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Jul 2020

Chukat - Red Cows, Alchemy & Toppling Statues

a red Cow the Para Aduma is one of the Torah's commandments that has always left people at a loss, but this week Rav Hirsch gives us a glimpse into its inner workings and meaning.

And for good measure and to keep it contemporary we also mention the symbolic intention of pulling down statues.

Jun 2020

Shelach - The weave of our mission

This week Rav Hirsch gives us access to one of the most powerful but at the same time easily accessible Jewish symbols Tzitzit, at the same time elaborating the deep background that enriches it.

May 2020

Shavuot - rejection of divine worship

Shavuot - rejection of divine worship, with the upcoming festival as our background we do a deep dive into some of the most commonly used religious concepts and show how they can be misused. 

also the Quote From Rav Hirsch "I would provisionally close all synagogues for a hundred years" explained